Thank You!

Massive shout out to Linh for their incredibly large submission to the database! It is amazingly motivating and somewhat humbling when I wake up in the morning to notifications of new submissions. A reminder that I’m not completely insane and that there are others out there as frustrated as I am!

A special shout out also to Samuel over at the LagDB YouTube for bringing the new Shadow of War in to the spotlight.

There are some cosmetic updates I want to apply to the site, and a little pit of SEO to help with getting us higher in google results. Hopefully we can get the attention of the developers!

I’ve also drafted a small article explaining the different causes for input lag and the type we’re talking about here.

Cheers, Justin of LagDB


Have been a bit slow on the upkeep.

Life calls. Also doing a fair bit of PC gaming instead lately, which with the right driver settings will never have input lag issues 🙂

Moved to a new house and have a much better internet connection, can upload more videos (and stream, too!)

Uploaded a Dishonored: Definitive Edition video and will be testing Death of the Outsider tomorrow for a YouTube member.

Played and finished Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – Another fantastic Naughty Dog release

EDIT: Tested Death of the Outsider – NO DICE! Still a cooked engine.

Alright, that’s it.

I just wanna shoot dudes and eliminate excuses as to why I can’t shoot a dude.

It’s reaching a point now where when I’m excitedly waiting for Next Big Video Game to come out that the thought crosses my mind “But what if it has input lag?”.

I picked up Prey yesterday and gave it a raz. For Fucks Sake.

I feel like I’m the only one who notices this shit. Am I? Better make a fucking website and find out.